About us.

Emkiss is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Giftsoar.

Jifushe was founded by programmer/marketer Matter, ID engineer Peter and Electric engineer Bruce in Shenzhen in 2010.

“Jifushe” literally means "attract all happiness and good luck around you". With this purpose, Jifushe Technology concentrate on the products which makes life “happier, healthier, easier”. The sound knowledge of the Electrical & Constructure Industry from the founders allows us to be hands on in every aspect of the job from the beginning to end.

After 10 years later, Jifushe is involved with a variety of smart electronic and optic products, ranging from: e-cigarettes, home appliances, consumer electronics, UV products, LED and many other products.

Jifushe has set up FIVE production bases around Shenzhen. At the same time, it has established an advanced market-oriented managing system. Besides a perfect quality testing system, Jifushe also has first class methods of production and marketing as well as technology of environmental protection.


We pride ourselves on innovative of useful & interesting gadgets, quality workmanship and service excellence.

Jifushe is also one of the companies who provide OEM, ODM, OBM service to customers all over the world.